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Where is Abarkooh and why to visit?

Abarkooh, located in Yazd Province, is one of the oldest cities in Iran; it is on route to Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd, Iran’s golden tourism triangle.
Abarkooh is home to abundant heritage indicating the boom, value, and charm of the city. According to Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, Abarkooh is among the top 14 tourist destinations in Iran thanks to its natural monuments and cultural assets.
The city boasts more than 400 monuments, 128 of which are registered as national monuments. The most outstanding one is Abarkooh 5000-year-old cypress, one of the oldest trees in the world.
As the story goes, Abarkooh was a confederation of 12 ancient villages populated after Noah Storm. The villages are Aban, Azar, Dey, Bahman, Esfand, Farvardin, Ordibehesht, Tir, Khordad, Mordad, Shahrivar, Mehr, all of which still in existence.


Aghazadeh Historical Complex, Shahid Bahonar St, Imam Hossein Sq, Abarkooh, Yazd, Iran

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