Abarkooh, located in in Yazd Province, is one of the oldest cities of Iran; it is en route to Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd, Iran’s golden tourism triangle.

Abarkooh is home to abundant heritage indicating the boom, value, and charm of the city. According to Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, Abarkooh is among top 14 tourist destinations in Iran thanks to its natural monuments and cultural assets.

The city boasts more than 400 monuments, 128 of which are registered as national monuments. The most outstanding one is Abarkooh 5000 year-old cypress, one of the oldest trees in the world.

As the story goes, Abarkooh was a confederation of 12 ancient villages populated after Noah Storm. The villages are Aban, Azar, Dey, Bahman, Esfand, Farvardin, Ordibehesht, Tir, Khordad, Mordad, Shahrivar, Mehr, all of which still in existence.

Major attractions:

  • The house of Imam Reza, known as “Biroon Mosque”

According to historians and also based on the entrance inscriptions of the Mosque, Imam Reza (the third Shia Imam) stopped there and took rest for at least two days, traveling from “Medina” to “Marv”.

  • Robat Castle

A strong fortresses with thick and strong walls and stunning towers (Founded between 743-758 S.C.). Abarkooh enjoy many more fortresses.

  • Pardisan Abarkooh Complex

  • Pre- Islamic Stone DitchesAli Dome

A stone buildings dating back to “Daylamites” period. It is a massive building located on a hill and a good example of Iranian architecture.

  • Jame Mosque of Abarkooh

One of the oldest mosques dating back to Seljuk Period with several sanctuaries.

  • Strange and beautiful castle of “Shahr Asb”.

Circular Castle that is attributed to Sassanids in “Bedaf”.

  • Seyyedan Monument.

A magnificent Mansion of Mirza Mohammad Hossein Abarkouei known as Aghazadeh, which its image has been printed on 20,000 rials notes.

  • Massive adobe cistern

  • Sowlat House and Anthropology Museum

  • Façade Nezamiyeh Complex

  • Azizoddin Monument located on the hill in south of Abarkooh

Abarkooh and the cultural and natural heritage of surrounding villages are so interesting that visitors will surely need more than a day to complete their sightseeing.

Historical houses on different corners of the town, spectacular wind towers, soaring cisterns, old castles, old trees, etc. make visiting Abarkooh worthwhile. Here in Abarkooh, all of the travelers are welcomed.