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Mousavi house

Mousavi house

Mousavi house is located in Darvaze meidan neighborhood and is next door to Seyed Ali Agha and Aghazade mansions.

This house also has a central courtyard, sunken garden and a stone pond.The space around the yard is constructed into chambers and indoors and the eastern side is remained unconstructed. The specific feature of the building is using the octagonal shape for the barvars (the space of both sides of the hall) of the entire southern space. On the top of this side (front) the two spaces of the back of the hall and the beautiful wide windward (badgir) of the building are located. The size and division of spaces of the house like most of traditional houses in the central plateau follow the 3 doors and 5 doors traditional architectural rule, as the main chambers like "Tanby" often have 5 doors and the chambers of two sides of the hall and other fronts of the house have 3 doors.

One of the other specific features of this building is using the Simgel (very soft lined thatch for interior rooms for the shots facing the yard and the high walls that surround the roof for increasing security and to prevent direct sight. The antiquity of the building which is the same as the entire complex that it's located in, dates back to Qajar dynasty. 

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